Oreon Capital Ventures exists to help our clients and invested companies grow.  We do so by applying our experience from working with over 100 companies in 7 industries, engaging in over 60 merger and acquisition transactions and facilitating the process of rolling up dozens of independent companies and material assets into both private and publicly traded platforms.

We assist our clients and invested companies in a variety of ways. We are just as effective facilitating rollup and put-together companies as we are directing our expertise to elevate a single business to achieve its greatest potential.

Our ethos is founded on our experience in bringing successful, innovative and driven entrepreneurs and their businesses together to achieve their greatest ambitions.  By helping to enable big thinkers and dreamers realize their vision of what is possible, we organize and assemble like-minded leaders into a unified structure that elevates them as a new, competitive force.

Oreon Capital Ventures’ involvement brings larger scale, greater access to equity capital at lower cost on better terms, consolidation of burdensome back office activities, sharing resources and relationships to gain market advantage resulting in higher profit.  In addition to these benefits, our approach gives employees a more secure future coupled with career growth unattainable in smaller, independent businesses. 

We accomplish all of this by focusing our skills on helping business leaders to be "Smarter Together".