Driven to Succeed

What we do requires versatility that’s both unique and in demand.  We do our work with our clients quietly, avoiding the typical tendency of self-promotion, fan-fare and press releases.  Over the years we have observed countless businesses that present a good deal of detail about their approach, their people, their partners and their market which serves to provide their competition with all they need to know about their strengths and weaknesses which may translate into competitive advantage.  The “Team” sections of company websites are ideal places to find your future employees.

Oreon’s approach is entirely different.  We don’t feel the need to self-promote in order to appear smarter than the others.  By simply saying we’re “Smarter Together” we accomplish exactly that.  We don’t feel the need to present our staff and partners because, frankly, it’s taken us many years to assemble our human and capital resources and we don’t feel the need to tell anyone else about who they are and how we’ve done it.  When we’re working with a dozen or so founding companies in a put-together transaction, we do so quietly and purposely avoid sharing any information until the time is right.

By flying under the radar we’re able keep the group focused on the subject at hand which is working together to bring about meaningful positive change and to achieve success together.  On the other hand, we’re delighted to see how generous companies in our target markets are with information on their websites.  To them we say, “Keep up the good work and keep the fresh and current information on everything you do coming!”

Definition: A rollup strategy is the process of acquiring and merging multiple smaller companies in the same industry and consolidating them into a large company. Combining small firms into a larger company allows the latter to pool their resources together, cut down on operational costs, and increase revenues.